Slotted channel

An excellent solution for the drainage of industrial flooring where hygiene and cleanliness are of the highest importance, the unique shape of slotted channels makes them some of the most effective drainage systems for waste and process water. Fast and easy to install.

Constructed entirely in 2 mm thick STAINLESS STEEL 304 (316 on request). Each module is equipped with side clamps for anchoring into concrete, adjusting screws and levelling feet to best position the channels during installation.

The modules are joined using flanges with EPDM seals (or Teflon on request) and stainless steel bolts to guarantee perfect channel tightness.

Each mounting kit includes detailed and numbered diagrams for proper assembly, laying and storage tips

Why choose slotted channels

  • The ability to withstand heavy loads without the aid of a grate makes it a simple and economical solution
  • Pre-installed PVC reinforcements under the rim to optimize the lifespan and hygiene in the installation area
  • The V-shaped bottom and the 5-mm/metre internal slope prevents the stagnation of liquids inside the channel
  • Made-to-measure drainage and can include an anti-odour siphon with a basket for the collection of solids, or a simple drainage pipe
  • Ideal application in traffic areas between wet and dry surfaces
  • Certified compliant with UNI EN 1433

Our experience at your service

Every line is made to measure according to the customer’s needs, working together to determine the length, shape of the line and positioning one or more drains at the best spots. We provide a simple and intuitive design with all necessary measurements for installation.

Types of siphoned drainage

Types of direct drainage


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