Grated trays with end drainage

The sloped stainless steel trays are prefabricated elements ready for installation, complete with MALIN grate.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel in 2-mm thickness, they are equipped with lateral clamps for anchoring in concrete. They allow optimal installation of channels for the food and chemical sectors.

The end liquid collection drainage includes a siphoned filter to facilitate the removal of waste and to prevent bad odours.

CodeDischarge directionABH1H2H3H4Ø Discharge (mm)Grated (maglie x H)CLASS (EN1433)
V30100SFVVertical30010006575200/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30100SFLLateral3001000657516031010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30150SFVVertical30015006580205/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30150SFLLateral3001500658016531510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30200SFVVertical30010006585210/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30200SFLLateral3002000658517032010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30250SFVVertical30025006590215/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V30250SFLLateral3002500659017532510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40100SFVVertical40010006575200/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40100SFLLateral4001000657516031010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40150SFVVertical40015006580205/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40150SFLLateral4001500658016531510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40200SFVVertical40020006585210/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40200SFLLateral4002000658517032010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40250SFVVertical40025006590215/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V40250SFLLateral4002500659017532510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50100SFVVertical50010006575200/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50100SFLLateral5001000657516031010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50150SFVVertical50015006580205/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50150SFLLateral5001500658016531510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50200SFVVertical50020006585210/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50200SFLLateral5002000658517032010022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50250SFVVertical50025006590215/10022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)
V50250SFLLateral5002500659017532510022 x 19 H 25A 15 (pedestrian)